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Ichigo x Tatsuki 2

"Ichigo, on your left!" A female voice yelled out.

"I see him!" A male responded. He drove his elbow to the left and into the face of the some random thug. The thug's nose bled as he clenched it and fell to the ground in pain. They stood back to back, surrounded by thugs from a gang who once fought Ichigo. Tatsuki readies herself for another wave of attacks.

"Tatsuki, get out of here when I clear a path."

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to! I can kick these guys around all day!"

The group attacked in mass, trying to swarm them with sheer numbers, only to be met by two sets of fists. Ichigo and Tatsuki tore threw the cannon fodder without taking any physical injuries. The fight ended 3 minutes later with the bodies of the thugs on the ground and Ichigo and Tatsuki breathing heavily.

"Ha...Ha..You should have left Tatsuki. It's unsightly for you to be breathing so hard."

"Shut...up...or do you want me to make you call me sensei again?"

The two dropped their guard as they talked, which left Tatsuki's attention elsewhere. A look of terror ran across Ichigo's face as one of the thugs got up and pulled out a knife, aim for Tatsuki. Ichigo yelled about the incoming threat and she narrowly avoided the strike as it grazed her arm. She promptly knocked him out with a blow to the head and clenched her arm.

"Ow...That hurts a little."

"We're closer to my house. We'll bandage it up there."

Ichigo grabbed her hand and pulled her along the way. She tried to vaguely pull her arm away before giving in to his request.They arrived at his home, which doubled as a clinic and was well suited for minor incidents.

Since things were busy downstairs, Ichigo took her up to his room with a first aid kit. They sat on his bed as he applied an antiseptic to the cut and wrapped it.

"Alright, that'll do it. It shouldn't leave a scar, but if it does, you'll only have yourself to blame for letting your guard down."

"I'm not the only one at fault. You dropped your guard too. It could have easily have been the other way around."

Ichigo placed his hand on his head and nodded. He got up and went downstairs to see that the clinic was packed with even more people, most of whom were the thugs who got beaten senseless, and then headed back to his room without being spotted.

"It's a bad idea to go back down right now. Plus, boss told me she had to close shop to take her kid to the park, and the dojo is closed for the day...what do we do?"

"We could sit around and talk." Tatsuki kept her face down as she spoke, her face beginning to turn red. "It's been awhile since we've just talked, with you working and me being an instructor."

Ichigo sat on the bed next to her and they talked. They talked about how things were with Orihime and Uryu, who were dating, how chad seemed preoccupied with his own affairs, and how Rukia hadn't contacted them yet. By the time the sun had set, they were nearly done talking except for one thing...their relationship.

"Ichigo....where do you see yourself in the future?"

"Hmmm....not sure. I planned on moving out soon enough, but I didn't think of a permanent career yet."

"Am...I.." Tatsuki slowly spoke when the sound of the clinic door slamming shut interrupting her. Ichigo went downstairs and came back up.

"Tatsuki, it looks like everyone is gone now. We can go downstairs now."

"Hey, don't ignore my question! Am I-!!" She began to ask again but her stomach let out a loud growl, after which she clenched it and blushed.

"Well, that was unexpected...I'll make you something."

"I give up."

They went downstairs and ate a quick dinner. After putting away the dishes, they sat on the couch and watched T.V. before getting comfortable, before falling asleep next to each other.

While Tatsuki slept with her head on his lap, he woke up and gently stroked her hair.

"I'll need a second job soon enough, if I'm going to get her a ring..."
Alright, an early valentine's day tribute. It's a continuation of the first Ichigo X Tatsuki.
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Grind-the-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Wow I love it
(I dont want to sound mean, but one of the things that make stories great nowadays are no cliches. No biggy but the only cliche in this entire thing is right at "if Im going to get her a ring." Nothin big just some advice.
hellion-ingenuity Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i also like it.
ArcaneAdvent Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
OzWindlthorpe Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
Nice work will want to see you next addition soon :D :D
ArcaneAdvent Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011
It'll be awhile though
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